Got tools to swap?

In keeping with our 2020 theme of reducing waste, we’re going to try something new: Tool Swap!

Simply bring the items you want to swap, and swap them for items of a similar value.

Tool donation

Here’s how it works:

  • 8-10am: Bring your labeled items to the Tool Swap table by 10am. You will get 1 ticket for every point you contribute. There will be a volunteer available to explain the process and help facilitate.
    • Bring items that are clean and in good working condition. See list of item ideas in the section below.
    • Label each item with your name, phone number, and the number of points (roughly aligned to dollar value) you believe the item is worth.
    • We will only accept items that have a 3-point value or more.
    • We reserve the right to refuse items if they don’t look to be in good working condition, unusable, or below the 3-point threshold.
  • 10am-12:15pm: Items will be on display only so everyone has a chance to look them over. No transactions will happen during this time.
  • 12:15-1pm: Redeem your tickets for items on the table with a corresponding point value (3-point item = 3tickets).
    • If there is more than one person who wants an item, the lowest number ticket would get priority.
    • You can choose to donate your tickets if they don’t want anything on the table. There will be a ticket donation jar on the table.
    • You can choose to use available donated tickets if you would like an item of higher value.
  • 1-3pm (or until everything is gone): Anyone without tickets can use the donated tickets to select one item at a time.
    • If your item is unclaimed at the end of the fair, you may take it home. The swap ends at 3pm.
    • Any unclaimed leftovers remaining after 3pm will be donated.

Examples of types of clean items in good working condition that would be good for the tool swap:

  • Garden tool ideas
    • Soil blocking kits
    • Rakes/shovels/hoes
    • Clean/unused row cover
    • Plant stakes
    • T-posts
    • Large tools*
  • Food preservation supply ideas
    • Pressure canners
    • Canning jars
    • Fermentation crocks
    • Airlocks
  • Composting supply ideas
    • Worm bins
    • Under sink compost buckets
    • Mulching supplies*
    • Compost tumblers*
  • Beekeeping supply ideas
    • Frames
    • Smokers
    • Tools/tool boxes
    • Supers
    • Entrance reducers
    • Extraction equipment*

Questions? Email

*Note: If an item is too large/unwieldy/messy to bring to the tool swap table—such as large tools or bags of mulch or soil — you may put a photo(s) of the item on the table with your contact info and any additional information about where to pick up the item.

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