Be a Free the Seeds! Sponsor

Free the Seeds! is run entirely by volunteers and relies on funding from sponsors. It’s not too early to support the 2018 Seed and Start Fair. Start by downloading our new sponsorship tiers for 2018. Choose your tier level, make your donation, and we’ll do the rest!

We love all of our sponsors, and there’s an option for everyone who wants to support Free the Seeds! Perhaps you’re a Sprout and in your first stage of being a supporter of real seeds, real food, and real skills. Or maybe you’re a Pollinator, making it possible for us to share heirloom seeds and plant starts, information, and resources with our local community. Gardeners help us nurture an event that touched more than 1,800 people in just its second year. Resiliency Builders are essential to our goal of providing a free community-powered opportunity to build a sustainable and resilient future. And Sustainers ensure Free the Seeds! remains free to the public and continues to grow and flourish.

Thank you for supporting Free the Seeds!