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Starting a garden this year?

You’re in luck!

The Free the Seeds community is offering a series of online skill-building workshops April-September 2020. This real-time series will give you practical tips and guidance relevant to our growing area throughout the gardening season.

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Our virtual sessions will be archived below. Links will be live as soon as the content becomes available.

Along with each session we’ll include complementary resources so you can take a deeper dive into those topics that interest you most.

Happy gardening!

Online gardening sessions

April 22: Start your seedlings

Easy-to-grow plants that do well in the Flathead Valley

Seeds you should start now

Which seeds you can plant directly in the garden

How to start your seedlings

Watch the start your seedlings presentation

Garden plot

May 6: Prepare for planting

Getting your plot ready for planting

Options to fit your space: containers, straw bale gardens, raised beds, and garden plots

Crops that do well together

And much more…

Watch the prepare for planting presentation

May 13: Create and maintain healthy soil

Benefits of No Dig Gardening

The Basics on Starting a No Dig Garden

Creating a successful plan to start your own No Dig Garden

Examples of different types of successful No Dig Gardens

Watch the create and maintain healthy soil presentation

June 17: Early garden tips for success

Home gardeners Chris Dye and Ise Lund share:

A virtual tour of what their gardens look like mid-June

What’s working, what hasn’t, ideas for future improvements

Topics include pest control, beneficial insects, companion planting, maintaining healthy soil, and more…

Watch early garden tips for success presentation


July 15: Prepare to preserve the harvest

August 19: Get ready for fall

September 30: Practical guide to seed saving

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